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I have a bit of a 'Saturday Secret' to share with you today, a website that selfishly, I'd like to keep just for myself. But, it's contents are just too wonderful and inspirational.

Some of you might well be aware of the concept of Cinemagraphs aready, but for those who don't know, a cinemagraph is 'an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly' - that is, according to the pioneers of this ever-so-clever way of sharing 'that' moment {moments?} in time via photographic imagery, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Cinemagraph © 2011 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg


 Isn't that image above just extraordinary?  I can't stop staring at it.

It was through New York Photographer Jamie Beck's truly wonderful 'From Me To You' blog that I first discovered the concept of Cinemagraphs some months ago. And I admit when I did, I was decidedly freaked out by some of the images {those blinking, slightly shifty looking eyes, just seemed a bit too weird at the time}.

However I'm finding myself drawn more and more to this concept of imagery and now I absolutely adore it and cannot get enough…  


But what has this got to do with weddings, you might ask?

Well, as a blogger who features an awful lot of photographs on her blog, I am always looking for the next thing.  As a Wedding Blogger, in a few years time, will I find myself featuring more Cinemagraphs like these ones?  Is this the future of images on the web? An image that captures not just one moment in time, but several precious seconds – an image that feeds our imagination just that little bit more?

These images aren't my secret by the way, my secret was the blog that belongs to the wonderful Photographer that is Jamie Beck. I have lost many an hour on that blog over the past 12 months taking and being influenced by the author's personal sense of style – that's her below. Somet things you wish you could keep all to yourself…


Isn't that lovely?

Some more beautiful imagery from the Cinemagraphs website




You can see many more Cinemagraphs documenting New York Life, New York Fashion Week, Food and other subjects over at the Cinemagraphs website.

I'd love to hear your thoughts?

Love or loathe?

Wedding Photographers – what do you think?

Are you intrigued by these images, would you like to see them become more common place throughout the blogosphere?

Be sure to pop on over to my little secret, the From Me To You blog too ;)

Much love all,

Annabel xXx

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  • Rosie

    WOW! Never seen anything like this! I absolutely love them!

  • Elle Is For Love

    Seen many of these and can’t get enough of them. I really hope it does become the norm for capturing favourite photos. Such a special way to remember a moment in time. Look forward to seeing many more appearing on your blog over the next few years! Xx

  • Kristin

    I spotted these recently, and have been experimenting with them already. I think they’re lovely, perhaps something perfect for a small digital desk frame? Wonder too if they could work as screen savers for mobile phones, laptops, etc, in which case it could look gorgeous as a post-engagement shoot extra! Lots of potential!

  • Naomi Kenton Photography

    Ooooh really undecided on this! I am more inclined to go towards not liking them though… I think that the photographs are beautiful enough by themselves without adding this, it is fascinating to see one, but I think I’d still prefer either a beautiful photograph or a beautiful video to remember a moment by, especially as everyone takes something different from a photograph – especially ones that are really personal and emotional (like a wedding photo) I feel that would be totally lost if the photo was moving around! But very clever idea and lots of fun to look at, but would only work as more of a fun thing on candid type photos.

  • Tiffany Grant-Riley

    Personally I love them, I think they add a little something extra to the image. There’s something really peaceful and calming about the images you’ve posted, like a private moment captured.

  • Trina

    Really love them, little glimpses of the past not quite frozen in time! Gorgeous.

  • Heline Bekker

    I love these. I cannot stop looking at them! I’ve never seen ones so gorgeous!

  • Aisling

    I can see why you found them a little freaky to start with, the world of Harry Potter seems to crossed over to our own.
    They are amazing but think I will have to see a few more to decide whether or not I can get over the freakiness.

  • Zoe

    I’m in the yes I am utterly captivated and mesmerised by them Annabel!! WOW!!
    I have never seen anything like that at all – I really really like it! xx

  • Jannie Baltzer

    LOVE it – it gives a very special feeling!

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks all! I think the general consensus is ‘Love’ as I’ve said before though, the blinking ones do kiiiinda freak me out a bit! I haven’t included them here but you can see some blinking ladies over at the Cinemagraph website – link in the feature above ;)
    Thanks for your comments ladies ;)

  • Rowan May Hendry

    I’d love one of these done with my wedding shoes as you just can’t capture their sparkle in a normal picture.

  • Natalie

    There weird but there nice, there not for me personally but they do catch my attention xx

  • Ironmongerswife

    Adore them, favourite (which was hard to decide)is the girl sitting on dresser. Love the romantic feel of them and that they draw you in. One word, fantastic

  • BlueMoonDame

    How can anyone not love them! I’ve followed Jamie’s blog for a while now. She captures my city in such a beautiful way! Not only that she is extremely talented while maintaining such a beautiful style. Her spread in USA’s Lucky magazine is GORGEOUS. I ran out to Topshop to try and find the dress she was wearing in it. Not out on shelves yet…..

  • Xanthe

    Love her work, I’ve been a fan of the blog for some time, it’s good to see photography moving forward and creating something new. I’m sure we’ll see more like this in the future. Happy weekend :)

  • Elisabetta Cirulli {Linen and Silk}

    This is so… WOW! It’s just one of those things that leaves you mesmerised…I can’t stop looking at them. That’s why I love the digital world so much. The things it allows you do are just so incredible… I’m definitely loving Cinemagraphs and I can’t wait to see more of it. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Kat Forsyth

    I completely love them! I want to frame them and live in a Harry Potter-like world! I need someone to take some of me, stat.

  • Andy McDonald

    A love them.. there’s something very special about them…
    I’ve been playing around with video and stills together in a movie and it works well, but this is something very special

  • Lorna

    It does look very Harry Potter like! I’m in the undecided camp the shot with the fabric moving is stunning and the shadows on the umbrella are so clever, I’m just not sure about how it will look with wedding portraiture

  • Rachael

    I’ve never seen these before! Some I think are really lovely and capture something special but others I’m not sure about. Very interesting though!

  • Neda Lahrodi-Blake

    I can not wait to see how this can be used in wedding photography and perhaps made easier to edit.

  • Abby

    Don’t like it! It’s a bit like a rubbish version of Harry Potter photos. Sorry but it freaks me out a bit!

  • Amy Wass

    freaky but very cool. I love the food ones on the site best.

  • Lorraine

    Very Harry Potter… sorry, I find them a bit freaky ;-(

  • Jennifer Vance

    They take a little getting used to,but I think I love them!

  • Sarah

    I agree with Lorraine, very Harry Potter! I’m inclined not to like them, but then that’s because I love photography and the still photograph. I’m also trying to work out how you would display something like this. Definitely interesting and something new but I’m still undecided at the moment.

  • Cat_BillPhoto

    Have to say that my first impression was I Love them :) Would love to try and put one together myself, i’m off to have a good look at the site. Thanks for sharing Annabel. x

  • Amma // Beyond Beyond

    I like them, but I hope that they don’t become ubiquitous. I love the fact that these are subtle – I just worry that some clever person will come up with a way of animating these and then it turns into one of those dreadful apps that I see people using on facebook. But, I am in the like camp!

  • Anneli Marinovich

    Wow….I absolutely love it. The slight movement adds so much mystery & magic to the photo! Really cool!

  • Sara K

    Take a bit of getting used to but I really like them.
    I think used subtly the odd one, so that it’s not all them, would work really well on wedding blogs and the like.

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I still despite the dislike, there is still a lot of love for these clever little graphics! :)
    I’d LOVE to see them making odd appearances across wedding blog land from here on {hints!} ;)

  • Eva

    I’ve been following From me To You for a while now, and I’m absolutely mesmerized by cinemagraphs. There’s something amazingly hypnotizing in them.
    However I have to say that’s because of Jamie and Kevin’s style. Very easily gifs like that could be just tacky

  • Rina Purdie

    I just love them! Brings a new and refreshing dimensions to photography. Welcome to the digital age baby! x

  • Our Wedding Hub

    i’ve never seen these before but i love them :-)

  • Jem Designs Dance wear

    A fantastic resource thanks for uploading

  • mandy

    some work really well, some are a little weird to get your head around but want to see more now xxx

  • Lena * SoBridelicious

    I absolutely love most of the photos you show here… Fantastic