Good morning all ;)  How does this absolutely beautiful Monday morning find you? Aren't we in for a  treat with the weather this week? Did you have time to catch up with my weekend post, linking to discounts with the wonderful Coastal Retreats and Country Retreats who are offering my readers up to 10% off their bookings? Go go if not! Don't want you to miss out. Just a reminder too that this competition to win a wedding dress ends at midnight tomorrow.

Now usually, I'd like to start off the week with a real wedding, but I have something too pretty to wait today.  When top UK Photographer Marianne Taylor {who I'm an absolutely huge fan of by the way} asked me if I'd like to feature this shoot on Love My Dress, I must admit {as Marianne will testify}, my heart skipped a few beats.  This is the content of wedding bloggers dreams; creative, inspirational ideas that are so pretty and elegant and completely achievable.

This shoot was created purely to inspire you by Marianne, who hooked up with Florist Steph Turpin of the brilliantly named Fairynuff Flowers, cake maker extraordinaire Charlotte of Restoration Cake and stationery designers Rose and Ruby Paper Co and Berinmade

When creative forces like this join together, you know you're in for something really rather special…

"Me and the lovely Steph, of Fairy Nuff Flowers fame, met while working on Katie & John’s beautiful Northbrook Park wedding a while back, and instantly hit it off. We have a very similar sense of style and share a love for all things pretty, whimsical and rustic…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Marianne Taylor

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"While we’re lucky to get to work together on the same weddings from time to time, at some point we got the idea for a day of creating something purely for the love of it and on our own terms, mostly in order to keep our creative juices flowing. The shoot was something nice to plan and look forward to in the dark winter months…."

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"I’ve been obsessed with a pink & turquoise colour scheme for a while, so that was our starting point. Our plans evolved slowly from there, following trips to antique markets and local thrift stores.

We ended up with two different set-ups; a quirky tea party with a twist, incorporating surprising elements such as deer antler, and a rustic picnic type set-up, for which we wanted a cute Victoria sponge cake, decorated with flowers, as a focal point…"


"This is where Charlotte from Restoration Cake came in and made the most adorable cake, plus some decadent cupcakes for the tea party setting. To complete the picture, two start up stationery design companies, Rose and Ruby Paper Co.Berinmade, created the prettiest paper goods that fitted the briefs perfectly…"

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"All in all the day was just bliss. After a long time of planning, and collecting items for the shoot, we were surrounded by so much beauty that represented exactly the kind of things we would love to see at real weddings. And it goes without saying that Steph’s flowers were the perfect stars of the show…"

I couldn't agree more!


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Huge thanks to the full creative team for allowing me to share these images with you all. Beautiful, beautiful stuff guys, just adoring your work!

Who else is loving this colour scheme? Infact, what colour schemes are you working with for your wedding day? Let's get some colour talk going – and who knows, if there is enough interest, I might be able to arrange for some different style colour shoots to appear just for you on Love My Dress :)

Much love all,





Photography – Marianne Taylor
Flowers – Fairynuff Flowers
Cake – Restoration Cake
Stationery – Rose and Ruby Paper Co + Berinmade

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  • Sam B

    Beautiful colours! So pretty. xx

  • Evie

    Totally divine and making me rethink our whole colour scheme!

  • Abby

    Soooooooo pretty! Yes! Bring on the colour.

  • Sheffield wedding photographer – PH Weddings

    These colours are gorgeous together and I love those straws!

  • Erin

    so honoured to have been part of this shoot! it was a ton of fun. marianne is just so lovely and her work is beautiful! x

  • Kate

    Ive been looking for those drinks straws for ages!! Where are they from?!?!
    Lovely blog xxx

  • Philosophy Flowers

    Just perfect in every way! x

  • Naoise

    J’Adore! So delicate and feminine. Lovely

  • Amanda

    Now I really don’t like pink (as a redhead it is NOT my friend. No matter what Molly Ringwald thought), but that picture of the rununcula (possibly spelt wrong) is just delicious. And I like the blue very much – would be nice with a citrusy lemon too.
    PS I know we missed an hour but Tuesday? Really? I wish….!

  • Marianne Taylor

    To those who asked about the straws. :)
    Turquoise straws and flags:
    Pink straws:

  • Sarah M

    Beautiful Flowers…Is it too late to totally change my colour scheme?!! ;) xx

  • Ailsa

    what an amazing colour combo! you wouldn’t think of it but it works SO well

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks so much Erin ;) xXx

  • Love My Dress

    Hi Kate! ;)
    Just incase you miss Marianne’s reply below Kate, they are from:-
    Turquoise straws and flags:
    Pink straws:

  • Love My Dress

    Hi All ;)
    I can’t believe it’s said ‘Tuesday’ on this post all day! I amended it earlier!! {Sorry, this post was originally scheduled for Tuesday but I brought it forward}. I can’t believe my amendment didn’t update! haha! :)
    Sorry about that! :)

  • Love My Dress

    Arr, re, the Tuesday thing.. sorry about that Amanda – see my comment below! ;)
    Thanks for your lovely comment, such a beautiful shoot isn’t it? ;)

  • Love My Dress

    Really pops doesn’t it! It’s really inspired me in terms of getting some home-decor pieces in too xXx

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks Marianne! ;) xXx

  • Love My Dress

    haha! I say no!! ;)

  • Mary Loves Bob

    I love these colours – feminine and soft without being too girly. It all looks gorgeous! x

  • florist red deer


  • Austin Florist

    I love the color scheme. Looks gorgeous and luxurious!

  • Sara

    so so pretty!

  • Dahlia

    Just stumbled upon this through Pinterest! Gorgeous!

  • Lewis

    Such attention to detail and beautiful colours!

  • Jamie

    Simply beautiful! Did you only get the mini vases from antique stores, or were you able to find any online? If you found them online- where did you find them from?

  • Kathleen Wayman

    What is the pattern name of the floral china dinnerware? Where might I purchase it? (In the picture where there’s a deer antler next to it) My daughter wants this set for her wedding and I’m desperately trying to find this set– PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks so much!!