Things are looking a little different around here this morning.  And there's a very good reason for that.

You see, we – that's my right hand lady Franky and I, really listen to our readers and we take feedback regarding Love My Dress very seriously indeed. Which is why, when a few of you started to advise us about slow-load times following the last, let's face it, rather graphic heavy blog re-design, I knew I had to do something.

Earlier in the year, I launched a new look Love My Dress. And I loved it, very much.  I even blogged about how marvellous my re-branding was.  But something wasn't right.  And the 'not right' niggled away night after night.

In working on the previous redesign, I worked with a new illustrator, and hand on heart, she was an absolute joy to work with {Joy actually being her surname, can you believe that!?}.  But it was a big step away from the aesthetic I had come to love in my little blog illustrations – and the look that had come to truly define Love My Dress.  So, to cut a long story short, when I realised that slow-load times were becoming a big issue and that I'd have to work on a new look for these pages, I called up my wondrous original illustrator Charlotte Thomson-Morley {who up until April this year, had been with me from the very start} and we did one of those 'I've missed you!' , 'no, I've missed you more!!' virtual hug things, and there were fireworks in sky and everything…

Lady Love My Dress, with her trusty Mac.  And kitsch porcelain swan...

I cannot tell you how happy I am with this  new look; it's cleaner, much less fussy and lighter in file size, meaning much quicker page load.  It looks better on an iPad and if you view Love My Dress via your iPhone or Android device, you'll have way waaaaay quicker page loads than before now with our new mobile pages.

Archived links have been moved to the right hand column and split into six different drop down menus to help make finding content easier for you – though you can rely on the Google search tool if you can't immediately find what you're looking for.

Important basic links are included at the very top of the banner;  'Home', 'About', 'Advertise' and 'Submissions', for example.  You'll also note a new 'Events' page has been added, which features a Google Diary of events that will be updated on a weekly basis.  Key content links/major cateogories are listed along the bottom of the banner.  They include a brand new category link 'Life & Love' for all those personal/emotional/inspirational type posts you love to engage with.  Social media icons are located towards the lower left area of the banner.  And from now on, the home page will load the last three blog posts published, to save you having to load features you've more than likely already seen.  We're thinking smarter.

So, this is just to say, I'm sorry. I made a mistake with the last blog redesign and I really do apologise for any frustrating page load issues you have been experiencing.

But you know what?  You learn from your mistakes and I firmly believe it's about what you do to put them right.  I really hope that each and every one of you find visiting Love My Dress an even easier and more enjoyable experience from now now on.

I'd love to hear back from you with any feedback on the new design ;)  {I insisted on the cute Peter Pan collar and brogues by the way – and the kitsch porcelain swan, that wasn't going anywhere}.

Lady Love My Dress is back.  And she's here to stay ;)

Big love all,



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  • Lizzie

    The re-design looks fab Annabel, and I agree the website loads much quicker. This morning I have enjoyed having a look around the new design.
    I am particularly loving the new “Topic” titles, so that articles can be found easily :-) You’ve done a marvelous job at balancing the Love My Dress “look” we’ve come to know and love with a cleaner and more streamlined website.
    Girl did good.

  • Jordanna

    Love it! Certainly loaded much quicker too x

  • Joyce Young

    Hi Annabel, I love your new fresh design. Totally agree with Lizzie. It’s great the way that the overall feel remains the same but has expanded and improved . Well done :-)

  • Natasha Young

    Totally love it, really pretty to look at, fast loading, a mobile version is great as I really struggled on the old design and it’s working nice and fast for me this morning.
    Kind of feels like meeting old friends but in a fab new trendy cafe now!
    Really good to see you listen to your readers and aren’t frightened to admit if something hasn’t gone right either. Natasha x

  • Femke

    It looks lovely and no more foot tapping as the pages were loading!

  • Mary-Ann

    Absolutely ADORE it! I was a bit disappointed in your previous design, it looked so pretty but it wasn’t your usual illustration and it took forever to load. You are right though we all make mistakes and you have certainly risen to this latest challenge, I absolutely adore this new design and it’s loading so much faster! Well done team LMD!

  • Harriet

    Much quicker! Very cheeful!

  • Rebecca@FlorenceFinds

    Annabel, I love this – so much brighter and fresher – you know how I love ‘clean’ design.
    Well done!! :)

  • Naomi

    Oh so so much better, what a breeze to browse this morning! I’m a long term visitor and don’t usually comment but so pleased you’ve gone back to your trademark ‘lady lmd’, it really does represent your brand so well. My fave wedding blog just got a whole lot better!

  • Love My Dress

    Thank you so much, I really really like super really appreciate this Mary-Ann ;) xXx

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks so much Harriet, so pleased to hear this x

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks Rebecca! It’s been about a balance for me striking a much cleaner design with my trademark illustrations but I *think* I’ve finally cracked it ;))
    Thanks so much xXx

  • Love My Dress

    That’s brilliant Naomi! Thank for taking the time to leave such kind words xxxx

  • Love My Dress

    Eeeek, so so sorry about that Femke, pleased to hear your feet will be getting a rest mind! ;) x

  • Love My Dress

    Thank you Lizzie, this is the feedback I was hoping for and has made my day completely xXx

  • Love My Dress

    Mwa!! ;) xXx

  • Love My Dress

    So pleased your mobile version is working well, that’s super! ;)

  • Love My Dress

    Thank you Joyce, all these positive comments were my dream! I’m so thrilled this morning :) xXx

  • cat hepple

    Well it’s just gorgeous and its quick, what more could you wish for ! Love it xx

  • Will

    I love the new illustration!
    I did like the old one too, but this is brighter, prettier and somehow feels friendlier and fresher. Really works with the tone of the site.

  • Belinda McCarthy

    Nice clean design, very pretty. I hadn’t noticed slow loading times, but it certainly loaded instantly this morning!

  • Love My Dress

    Brilliant, thank you so much Belinda for taking time to leave the feedback, it really is so highly valued x

  • Love My Dress

    Thank you my friend, you know how much I value your opinion :) xxxxxx

  • Love My Dress

    Thanks Will! That’s fantastic feedback!

  • Katy

    Wonderful, just love it, so completely ‘LMD’.

  • Charlotte Thomson

    Aw so pleased people like the new illustration :) what a nice start to a monday morning! x

  • Love My Dress

    I’m so very, very grateful to everyone for their feedback, I can’t tell you!

  • Carys

    The blog loads much quicker on my macbook now which is great. I do prefer the illustration as well (no offense to the other illustrator) it’s friendlier/happier and more you I think :)

  • Emma

    Lovely, pretty and fresh! So glad you kept the swan!

  • Peonioes

    You got rid of the brown! Thank god. I hated the brown (it never suited you, it was just so…. brown.) I love the new design, it’s fresh and light and sweet and so much more Annabel. LOVE it. (And it’s faster!)

  • cara @ lillian and leonard

    (that was me. I’m typing in the dark. Whoops.)

  • Love My Dress

    Hehehe! You crack me up! Yes indeedy, it was time for the brown to go, and I am SO in love with how everything is looking right now :) Thank you Cara xxxx

  • Love My Dress

    Hoorah! Result! Thank you Carys for taking time to reply :) xXx

  • Love My Dress

    The swan is a permanent resident! ;)) x

  • Love My Dress

    You are a genius Mrs Thomson-Morley xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Love My Dress

    Amen to that – thanks Katy ;)

  • Littleme

    I’m a fairly new (onloy 6 months old!) reader so I only ever saw the last brand and although I liked the image, the pages did always take a long time to load although to be honest I always assumed it was the fault of my elderly machine! Like the new look and love how much faster it all is! Thank you :-)

  • Love My Dress

    Thank you so much Littleme! xxxxxx